Hand Sanitizers Guide

Hand sanitizers are basically substances used to kill germs, diseases and disinfects our hands. It used to come in gel form and now it is available in spray form.

How to use hand sanitizer in Dubai

Hand sanitizer is used to kill the germs effectively. You should take the sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. Take a few drops of it one hand and rub it thoroughly on both hands and fingers and keep rubbing it for 20 to 30 seconds for effective results.

Safety measures

Hand sanitizers should be handle with care. We carry them all the time in our bags. It should be kept away from eyes and should be kept out of the children range. It should not be taken in the mouth. One thing that must be kept in mind that it should be kept at distance from the flames and never be stored in cars.

Everything has pros and cons. It depends on its usage, if it used correctly it will grant your several benefits but if not properly used it may harm you.

Benefits of Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers were developed to clean hands when water and soap is not available but in the era of covid-19 it got so much importance before that I haven’t seen people carrying around the sanitizers. During covid-19 sanitizers were sold at high prices and even people faced its shortage. Sanitizers contain alcohols which works efficiently in killing viruses, germs and bacteria present on our skin. It’s just a small bottle that can be easily carried anywhere. It is easy to use. Mothers have found it as a blessing because children run away from washing hands but sanitizers have made it very easy to remove germs. Hand washing consumes more time as we have to go bathroom to wash the hands but on the other hand sanitizers can quickly make you germ free. The effectiveness of hand sanitizer depends upon the concentration of alcohol as alcohol contains disinfectant property. It also eliminates the risk of spreading flu.

Disadvantages of hand sanitizers

One of the main disadvantages of hand sanitizer is that a person who is affected with some disease or allergy cannot use it. Sanitizers which contain more alcohol are effective against bacteria but the sanitizers having less concentrated alcohol are not effective enough to kill the diseases. Use of hand sanitizer can cause your skin infection and too much use of hand sanitizer will make your skin dry.

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