Choose the best bulletproof glass with these tips

There are different kinds of bulletproof glasses available in the market which anyone can get when they need extra protection from any harm so you need to know about many things before you buy any of these and the bulletproof glass cost as you have to go according to your pocket. There are four different types of bulletproof glass that you can use so you have to choose from them after getting complete information about it as their features are a bit different from each other. You can use ballistic glass windows at your house or in your car too. Here you will get some information about all of these:

Traditional ballistic glass is the first one to made and due to this reason they are called as traditional because they will made with common method as back then there will be no advanced technology available to use. They will be made with the mixture of glass and resin and due to the used of resin they will be very heavy and do not have any flexibility in that so they will not provide a lot of protection and cannot be used now especially in the cars but can be used in the house windows.

There is another type known as the insulated ones and they are very useful especially when there will be a clear vision needed like on the windows of a house and in the schools so there will be many features of this kind of glass. They provide a little more protection but not very much that’s why they are used for normal everyday use and due to the clarity feature they are very liked by people.

Another one is called as acrylic because it is made of the acrylic material which is more like plastic so you will get the breakage protection despite the use of glass. In this type there will be no use of glass in the making unlike other types so they are known as acrylic ballistic glass and due to the use of plastic material there will be some flexibility in that too which is liked by many people and also it is clear.

Another type is known as the polycarbonate ones but due to the addition of a color in that, they are less likely to be used by many.

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