While ordering food online, customers have to pay the fee to the restaurant for home delivery services which are sometimes more than the actual cost of the meal. Many times you have to pay the fee as the tip to the rider and also the booking or busy area fee just for delivering it to your location.

Delivery with Hassle

Ordering the food at home while being in a hurry is sometimes the worst experience. Being at home, no one knows how busy the restaurant workers and how much time will they take to prepare the food. If the food is prepared quickly, the diet food delivery in Dubai can be a hassle. The bad weather conditions, traffic, and many other situations can make delay to reach the order to your home.

Disconnecting With the People

Everything needs some suitable environment like cinemas are made to watch movies together with the family and family and same the restaurants are made to enjoy the meal with the loved ones in the same roof. But when you order the food online, you lose the exciting dining and fun experience of the restaurant. Eating your favorite meal in your comfort zone seems good but unfortunately, it disconnects you from your closed ones.

Quality & Quantity Is Not Known

If you order the food online, you don’t know that the food you are going to order is worth the expected money or not. Sometimes, the restaurants charge for more but deliver less than offered. Sometimes the quality and taste of the food do not seem the same as described which are a source of disappointment for the customer. The conditions in which the food is being prepared and packed are unseen, therefore, everybody thinks for a while whether it is food or shakes in Dubai.

Non Affordable Prices

Many restaurants take the advantage of online delivery service and set high prices for most demanded food items. As there is no one out there to bargain on the price and ask why they are offering such high prices for food that does not require much time and money to be cooked perfectly.

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