DIY activities for kids

Activities for kids in Dubai have a great impact because in this way kids will not only be happy to play but they will also learn new things while playing. There will be many activities that you can have with your kids and also you can arrange them according to the age and interest of your kids. You can create your own activities or you can take help of the Dubai kids’ activities available in the market and on the internet. To get your kids enjoy, you can have to take a look here:

DIY plane activity:

In this activity you can have allow your kids to get some papers and make their own planes so they will learn how to make planes of different kinds an also they will learn to handle the paper and fold it according to the need of the play. It will be a great opportunity for them to play. To make this play a little more interesting, you can have a big board and make some bigger holes in that and write some points on each hole. Then you have to ask your kids to fly their plane and make them cross these holes and give them points accordingly. It will be a little tricky but your kids will learn to know about the distance and their hand movement and also the role of air in that.

DIY book marks:

You have to introduce books to your kids from the very early age and make them read the stories because in this way they will have a great vocabulary and they will be ahead of other kids in learning. When your kids have interest in books or you want them to take interest then you can involve them in making their own book marks of different types. It will grab their attention for hours and then they will be happy to see the result once they finished making these book marks. They can have elastic book marks or the corner book marks and as a starting you can have them to make these with the recycle paper and then you can provide some interesting and colorful thick card papers or felt with some of the new accessories. You can help them in cutting and sketching the art for their book mark and be happy.

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