Important facts about car parking shades

Car parking shades evolved in the last century, but their fundamental purpose remains the same today. They’re intended to shield a car from the harsh UV rays of sunlight, wind, rain, and other environmental factors that could potentially damage a car’s finish and appearance. In light of this car parking shades market has become more competitive, so it’s worth learning a few facts about these items before you start shopping.

There are three common materials used in the manufacture of car parking shades in UAE. The first is vinyl. This is considered the most practical material because it’s both durable and inexpensive. Vinyl is typically available in two main varieties-the plastic style and the fabric variety. Here are some things to consider when making your selection:

A major advantage of vinyl car park shades fabric is that it’s an inexpensive option. It also offers excellent durability because it’s UV resistant and can withstand rain and snow for many seasons. This type of material is available in varying colors and designs. While they’re available in a basic white color, there are several different hues available. The fabric is often dyed to mimic or enhance the look of real wood, aluminum, or plastic.

High density polyethylene, or HDPE, is a superior quality plastic that offers excellent strength and durability. However, this material can be more expensive than vinyl because it’s not easily repaired after a storm. Because of this, many car parking shades in Abu Dhabi are constructed with PVC instead of HDPE. This material is weatherproof and very durable, making it an economical choice for high-end car park shade products.

There are several disadvantages associated with using vinyl and polyethylene. Since HDPE is a plastic, it’s a poor match for many outdoor applications. The color is less true-to-color than vinyl, which can make the material seem artificial. HDPE car parking shades fabric may be too thin and not strong enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain. Also, this type of fabric tends to fade over time as the sun hits the surface of the material.

A good alternative to these materials is UPVC. With its superior quality and durability, UPVC has become the material of choice for many car park shades. Although they’re slightly more expensive than vinyl and other such car park shades, they’re well worth the investment. They also offer a much greater level of UV protection and are available in a wide range of styles and colors. In addition, they’re far more resistant to fading, won’t crack, and won’t easily degrade after exposure to harsh sunlight and rain or snow.

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